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A Fibonacci Number Trick

Summer is definitely getting the best of me. I’ve been distracted by the usual summer pastimes like surfing and bungee jumping - only on TV, of course. Mowing grass is more my speed… I can’t believe how fast grass actually grows. This current east coast hot spell should slow it down a bit so I can have more time for watching the surfing channel.

One of the things I said I would do is to share with you some neat activities that Mr. Jacobs has "hidden" in his treasure trove Teacher’s Guide (Editions 1 and 2) and Instructor’s Guide (Edition 3). The following activity made the cut for all three editions and was one of my favorite activities to do with my students back when I was earning an honest living.

It's a number trick based on the Fibonacci sequence that Harold uses as his opener to Chapter 2, lesson 6. Below you will find his write up of it taken from Edition 1.

Here's my summary of the activity:
Tell your students that you have a special talent for adding lis…