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Globs Contest meets Parabolas (Lesson 3.4)

This is the glob array I posted for the contest on 10/31/08 and here is my video that describes one solution using linear equations. In order to get the highest score possible you need to to maximize the number of globs you hit with each equation.

I was hoping to get 5 globs with one and I came close with my first shot, but it missed (1,-1). The same was true for shot #2. Here’s all 5 of my shots. (I made the figure below with Geometer’s Sketchpad.) So I managed to get 37 points. I’m not sure that I can do better using linear equations. But what if could use parabolas? Mr. Jacobs introduces us to parabolas in lesson 4. He defines it as the graph of y equals x squared. In set 1 he explores the patterns that help us to move the parabola along the y axis and also how to draw it “upside down” by making the coefficient of the x-squared term negative. In the next video clip I describe more about graphing parabolas.

Here’s the three parabolas I used to get my score of 61 points. I used the…

Halloween Globs Challenge

Here is the Glob array you will use to try to get the best possible score for this year's Halloween Globs challenge. Here's what you do:
1. Download the score sheet for this array.
2. If are using the Green Globs program download the game #2 file (PC or Mac).
3. Submit the equations used and a user name in an email to by NOV. 7th.
4. Once your equations are received, your score will be tabulated and posted on November 8th at the Contest home site. An email with the URL for where the results are posted will be sent to you.

I hope you give it a try. Let me if you need help. I can walk you through it.

Best wishes,