Re: Running late - phew!! - an update

Karen writes:
Don't know about anyone else but I, too, am not having much luck at getting to the chapter [3] so far. I am delighted that you are running late!!

Ihor replies:
May I suggest you put a bookmark wherever you are and join us in Chapter 3 if that's OK. One of the things I really like about HE (Human Endeavor) is that each chapter potentially could be done separately though I'm pretty sure Harold didn't intend that since he was writing it for high school teachers in conventional classrooms. I think a lot about Web 2.0 and math and I'm sure that the direction we're heading towards is short chapters on topics that can stand alone. Or I should say short STORIES rather than chapters since chapters usually implies a long, boring textbook.

I'm rethinking my timeline for Chapter 3 since this is my favorite chapter and I hope you will join us in participating in the culminating activity which is the Great Green Globs Contest. (Sounds perfect for Halloween, doesn't it?) It's actually an experiment I'm working on to make the on-line math learning experience more engaging for students of all ages. More about that as we go along. So I'm thinking of extending the timeline to the end of October. Let me know what you think about that.

Yesterday, I went to the library in my area that has the first edition of the textbook and borrowed it. It’s the only version I don’t have. The one I used in 1970s with my 7th and 8th grade classes I managed to lose. (I’m still trying to find a replacement. My occasional Google searches come up empty.) So now I have all the versions at least till the end of October.

More about Chapter 3 lesson 1 and 2 in my next entry.



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