Linear equations attack the green globs on Halloween!

In lesson 3.3 you learned about linear functions and graphs. As an extension of that lesson I thought it would be useful to try the Great Green Globs challenge because you will need to use the skills you learned in this lesson. And if you didn't learn them all that well, this will be a great opportunity to learn them a fun way. Now using the Globs program ($20 from is the best way to go, but you can still compete anyway. Try this practice game to find out what you will be doing in the contest. Here are the instructions:
1. Download the score sheet and print it out.
2. Watch my Youtube video clip (3:40) to get an idea of how to play the game.
3. Graph the function* and write down the equation as shown in the figure below.

4. Continue drawing and recording equations until all 13 globs have at least one line going through them.

When finished send your list of equations in an email to I will enter your equations into the Globs program to determine your score and post the results on my blog.

On Friday, October 31st I will be posting the actual contest score sheet and you will have a week to submit your results. After that I will post all results.

I look forward to joining us for this activity.

After you complete lesson 3.4 Functions with Parabolic Graphs. We'll use Globs again to see how you can get a very high score with a parabola!

For more details on how to write linear equations in preparation for the contest see this article.

*This is the same function that is shown in the Youtube video above.


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